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Professional. Innovative. Energetic.

Professional. Innovative. Energetic. Born in the Midwest, marketing professional Dennis Hange has a passion for his industry and the drive to succeed. Whether working in a team or solo – Dennis brings a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to his endeavors in the marketing field.

As someone gifted with technology use, Dennis has a particular interest in the social media and internet marketing niche – including marketing through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – along with the use of search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising and e-mail marketing.

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Who is Dennis Hange?

Selfless Team Player

Dennis brings ten years of professional experience to the table, formerly working as the marketing manager for Ply Gem Windows. Ply Gem is the number one vinyl and aluminum windows in the United States.

Working closely with senior-level management, Dennis builds consensus with his internal team for numerous initiatives. Dennis developed a series of strategic content marketing tools to support brand awareness including sales literature, whitepapers, a series of eight videos, email campaigns, and print and digital advertising. Taking the role as a project manager, Dennis implemented two mobile-friendly corporate websites which were recognized by industry leaders for unusual degree of detail and quality design.

Previous working as a territory sales manager for the Altria Group, Dennis administered a marketing and advertising program, which includes placing product in 120 stores accounting for about $10 million annually. Through communications and relationship building with retail managers, Dennis helps develop and introduce business plans to promote a diversified product line.

Additionally, Dennis works to educate retailers on how to promote products and assist owners on how to grow profitability and maintain a strong platform for their stores. Through his work with the Altria Group, Dennis has gained additional strategies on how to grow a particular brand or product line.

Prior to his work with the Altria Group, Dennis served as a marketing administrator for Mullet Cabinet Inc., a privately owned and operated high-dollar cabinet fabricating company based in Northeastern Ohio. At Mullet Cabinet, Dennis provided sales support and organized strategies – developing new business and guiding traffic to the cabinetry showroom. He also gained experience with product communications and TV commercial promotions. His promotional work included creating a strategic marketing budget, which consisted of orchestrating events such as corporate trade shows and cooking demonstrations, among other events.

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Continually Learning & Improving

Dennis is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Dennis also holds an Associate of Applied Science in Fine Woodworking from University of Rio Grande. Woodworking is an area he has a personal passion for, further utilized professionally through his work at Mullet Cabinet and Yoder Lumber.

Dennis describes himself as self-taught in both personal and professional endeavors. In his spare time Dennis fosters that ongoing desire to learn by experimenting with new marketing strategies and performing research related to the advertising field. As the field of digital marketing is constantly changing, Dennis prides himself on staying updated on developing trends.

As someone who cares not only about his employer – but also his teammates – Dennis motivates others to success. Dennis likes to stay busy with his work and can prioritize assignments, and execute them in a timely fashion. Dennis enjoys networking with executives within his organization and as well as with professionals.

Outside of his professional work, Dennis appreciates nature through mountain biking, running and other outdoor activities. He also likes to read and plays an active role through volunteering with local churches, particularly focusing on technology assistance and youth ministry.

As Dennis garners experience in the marketing field, he someday hopes to manage his own team – and to instill the same passion he holds in future marketing leaders.

Dennis’s Strengths

Execution / Responsibility
Execution / Belief
Execution / Discipline
Influencing / Self-Assurance
Strategic Thinking / Input

Client Testimonials

“It is my pleasure to recommend Dennis. Dennis helped prepare project submittal packages for our sales managers for multifamily project bids. Dennis quickly learned how to compile this information and demonstrated the attention to detail that was necessary to make sure the correct information was provided. I believe Dennis will be an excellent addition to a team that is looking for a detail-oriented individual who can manage multiple projects.”Laura Rossomangno, Ply Gem Windows
“I have been consistently impressed with the initiative and drive that Dennis has in seeing needs and opportunities. Among many achievements for marketing, Dennis helped in successfully rebranding including the redesign of the company logo, spearheaded efforts to redesign two comprehensive company websites, and implemented an internal Company Information Network. I would recommend Dennis without reservation.”Ken Grate, Yoder Lumber
“Dennis has keen leadership skills and was able to delegate to his peers. Unlike most managers, Dennis was able to manage up the senior leadership team to challenge us. Dennis always provided the highest quality work and I can depend upon him to deliver every time. His marketing abilities will be greatly missed.” Bob Mapes, Yoder Lumber
“Dennis has exhibited all the qualities that you want in an employee. He has an impeccable attention to detail, great organizational skills, and a work ethic that is second to none. I have experienced first-hand his skill at managing large projects in an efficient and productive manner, and I have also noted his excellent ability to manage a team in such a way that each person is able to produce results above and beyond expectations.”Alex Roys, Isiteweb
“Dennis constantly went above and beyond the call of duty while working for us at Mullet Cabinet. He did not have to be told to look for additional work and always accepted responsibility. We were very pleased with Dennis as an employee and highly recommend him.”Vince Mullet, Mullet Cabinet, Inc.
“Dennis has excellent organizational skills, allowing him to juggle multiple complex projects simultaneously while still being able to keep a focus on what is most important. He is easy to work with and is willing to take ownership of difficult tasks, making sure that they get the attention they require until completion. Overall, an excellent marketing manager who is task-oriented and future-focused.”Tony Yoder, Yoder Lumber
“Dennis is an intelligent, creative, and well organized individual with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years for a CRM program. Dennis possesses a rare ability to communicate and collaborate with a wide range of personalities and roles within an organization to move their initiatives and projects forward. Dennis would be an asset to any organization who needs a leader with the ability to establish a game plan and achieve results.”Brian Harr, Three30Group
“I had the pleasure of working with Dennis for the past year on a large scale website project. From the beginning of the project, Dennis had the parameters and workflow organized and very detailed so my company could efficiently meet the project timeline. Dennis is extremely thorough and a pleasure to work with. In this industry it’s hard to find people like Dennis who go the extra mile. Dennis will be an asset to any organization.”
Darcy Zehe, BrandPivot
“I worked with Dennis to design a logo & website for Mission Possible: A to Z, a small non-profit organization that does charitable work in Zambia. Throughout the project, Dennis facilitated milestone meetings and was instrumental in keeping the project on schedule. He also helped the client generate meaningful content for the website that highlighted their knowledge and passion for their work in Zambia. I would highly recommend Dennis as a project manager.”Matthew Eversole, Mjatersol Design
“Dennis is one of the brightest young marketing executives I know. His leadership kept complex projects on track and produced extremely successful outcomes. He’s smart, energetic, insightful, creative, and a genuine pleasure to work with.”Jean Gianfagna, Gianfragna Strategic Marketing
“I can not recall another employee who is better able to verbally describe the retail store condition or situation any better than Dennis. He provides clear and concise information to his clients to ultimately help grow their business.”John Hrusovsky, Altria Distribution Company
“Dennis is a hardworking, intelligent person who is constantly pushing to improve. He will constantly make you better because of his ability to get things done, think outside the box and have a can do attitude. It was a privilege to work with Dennis and I consider him a close friend.”Jordan Mullet, Sandler Training
“Dennis did everything that was required of him and exceeded my expectations with his quality of extra initiative – which is rare in today’s society. I was impressed by his ability to take so much responsibility and ownership, and adapt our hands-off style.”Chris Chamberlin, Conrad Grebel
“I know Dennis very well. He was an outstanding student in my BGSU Sales Management class and we have kept in touch since. Dennis is a hard worker; his honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are especially impressive.”Greg Rich, Bowling Green State University
“Dennis is a smart, detail-oriented marketing professional. He has a good sense for the bigger picture and ultimate goal of a marketing campaign. Overall, he brings a lot to the table with ideas and friendliness.”Kurt Kleidon, Kleidon & Associates
“I was very impressed with Dennis. He was very thorough in his analysis of the needs of his company and approached all of our deliberations strategically and with good attention to detail. Dennis handled himself professionally and was a pleasure to work with.”Dennis Kleidon, Kleidon & Associates
“Dennis helped me become a better Territory Sales Manager with each little process that he mentions, no matter how good or crazy his ideas may be. Dennis speaks to many different individuals and I am sure he leaves his mark with them as well. ”Natalie Spelich, Altria Distribution Company
“Dennis understands the kind of win-win, mutually beneficial relationships that are so crucial to understand in marketing. He’s energetic, eager and someone who will adapt quickly to make an immediate impact on any organizations bottom-line.”John O'Connor, Career Pro, Inc.
“Dennis helps our business by organizing our social media accounts, and blog posts. He works diligently to help keep communication channels open between us and third parties to get the job done. Dennis is very knowledgeable and a great resource for our business as we grow and try to reach more clients through social media.”Taylor Fike, Fike Advisors
“It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to recommend Dennis as a competent and hard-working employee. I believe you will find that his willingness to learn, and ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude, will be an asset in whatever environment he may be placed.”Tim Miller, Mullet Cabinet, Inc.