Five Keys to Effective, Memorable Public Speaking

Say goodbye to the dread that often comes with speaking in public. Among many people’s worst fears, this “task” should be considered more of an opportunity to get your point across, share your views and promote your business or brand.

An article on Forbes by Kathy Caprino, gives perspective on stepping behind the podium and delivering a presentation she calls will be a “breeze.” In ‘5 Steps To Crafting An Inspiring Presentation That’s A Breeze to Deliver,’ she takes entrepreneurs through simple tips to make their next presentation a memorable one.

1. “Dig deep to find the juiciest lessons from your experience,” Caprino says. This means digging from the information you know and feel comfortable talking about. When you are not confident as a speaker, it shows and impacts the end product. A presenter is more confident, powerful and engaged when they know the material, she says.

2. “Articulate your Teachable Point of View – Speak about what you know and how you know it,” according to Caprino. Compartmentalize the presentation into four areas: your core ideas, emotional energy, edge, and values. This will help pare down the daunting task of creating a speech from scratch. This tactic also helps the speaker gain better insight into their own philosophy. Self-analysis, if you will.

3. “Make it a compelling story, with dynamic conflicts, lessons, and outcomes that are relevant and entertaining,” Caprino says. Be real. Audiences enjoy listening to someone they can relate to; someone on their side. Personal stories, anecdotes or a genuine laugh can help break the ice.

4. “Be real, vulnerable and authentic – not some untouchable expert,” according to Caprino. Authentic presenters often make the strongest and longest-lasting impact upon audiences. Don’t underestimate the power of being yourself.

5. Lastly, “make sure you know what you want out of this talk – for both your audience and you,” Caprino says. Put the audience and their needs first. Makes sure you cover what they came for. You want them to leave feeling satisfied and with their questions answered, but you also make sure you hit your goals. Walk away from the presentation able to pat yourself on the back as well.

Caprino, a nationally recognized marketing consultant, is the founder of Ellia Communications, a firm specializing in women’s careers and leadership. Through her firm, she works with clients one-on-one, and in groups, both nationally and internationally. In addition to blogging on career matters for Forbes, Caprino is also the author of ‘Breakdown, Breakthrough’ a professional guide to claiming a life of passion, power, and purpose.

Photo Credit:  Alasdair Elmes

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