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Learning to View Generation Y (Millennials) as Leaders

Millennials are the leaders of the future.

It’s often all too easy to find criticism against the Millennial generation – from them being too young or too wired with technology. Stereotypes about the millennial generation (roughly those born between 1980 and 2005) are abound, but don’t let them deter you from doing business with some of the brightest minds and leaders out there.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are a unique group of highly-talented individuals. Take a look at some of the top leaders in this generation as proof. OpenForum.com, a website devoted to the support of small business success, recently published a list of the top 10 leaders of the Millennial generation – among them Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Ben Silbermann of Pinterest, one of the latest online social media websites to hit the market. This list was collected by yet another young leader — Scott Gerber, founder of The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and author of “Never Get a Real Job.”

While Zuckerberg is only 27, his business started in 2004, and with dedication and innovation, his company has established dominance in the social media industry. Silbermann, like Zuckerberg, saw a need that no one realized. Now millions worldwide utilize the Pinterest website to collect and categorize images of their favorite items, from artwork to design inspiration and crafts.

Other equally-respected young leaders took initiative to form their businesses – such as Ben Milne, of Dwolla, a peer-to-peer payment platform; and one of the youngest entrepreneurs – Catherine Cook – who founded myYearbook.com a website used to meet with friends. Her brainchild was acquired recently for an estimated $100 million.

Are you part of Generation Y? Begin embracing your role within this unique generation and connect with others in their twenties through organizations such as MillenialLeader.com an online community compromised of young leaders ready to change the world and influence others – even older and generations.

Take a look at a recent entry on their website by Lindy Ryan, MA, Editor-in-Chief of an advisory and research firm and the founder of Granny Smith Magazine. Ryan reminisces about the impact her grandmother had on her and the value older generations provide for the Millennials. According to Ryan: they give us lessons that teach us values, they model behavior that we learn from and mimic; and they guide us in making decisions that impact our future.

Here you can find inspirational stories from other young leaders, stay in the loop on the latest professional conferences and bounce ideas off one another. Connect via Facebook, Twitter, and the Millennial Leader blog.

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